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Taylor Bixler

Designer X Creator


EMAS Chiyoda: Responsive WordPress Theme

Research/Analysis | Wireframe | Visual Design | Development | WordPress Integration

image of the redesigned EMAS Chiyoda homepage

EMAS Chiyoda - Homepage

collage of wireframe examples, from the EMAS chiyoda site redesign

EMAS Chiyoda - Wireframe Alpha

image of one of the EMAS Chiyoda Post layouts which features the Lewek Express

EMAS Chiyoda - Post Layout

BP: E-Content Player

Research/Analysis | Wireframe | Visual UI Design | UX Design | XML Schema Redesign | Prototype Development | Legacy Content Integration

Image of the BP - Upstream Learning, E-Content Player, user interface

BP Content Player - Intro

image comparison of the original content player and the redesign

BP Content Player - Legacy Comparison

Image of the BP E-Content player's feature showcase

BP Content Player - Feature Showcase

Karbach: Promotional Glass Design

Market Research | Graphic Design | Print Optimization

Image of Karbach's promotional glass

Karbach - 2nd Annual Glass Design

image of the karbach promotional print composition

Karbach - Print Composition

Kaplan: LMS Redesign

Research/Analysis | Wireframe | Visual UI Design | UX Design | Iconography | Prototype Development | Front-End Development

Image of the Kaplan - ComplianceWire LMS student task page

ComplianceWire - LMS Task List

collage of UI branding and various UI interaction

ComplianceWire - Client Branding, Settings, and Behavior

Zoomed Image of the redesigned task icon set

ComplianceWire - Task Icon Set


Design Process Illustration


I believe that great UI/UX consists of principled design, non-biased analysis, and some good ole' common sense.

A purposeful user-centered design process is crucial for focusing those energies into meaningful UX improvements. While there are many acceptable processes out there, It's important to integrate the one that best suits your culture, product, and business need.


Infographic of Taylor Bixler's Career Overview


I'm a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for building positive user experiences.

Evolving from a background in fine art and with more than fifteen years of industry experience in UI/UX Design, multimedia, development, and creative direction, I have amassed a uniquely broad skill-set. I specialize in working early on with stakeholders to interpret business goals and then through a synthesis of analysis, user-centered design, and technology, I help to fulfill the product vision.